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Fishing Boat Maintenance

Fishing Boat Maintenance

Our company supplies equipment parts to fishing vessels and dispatches technicians for service inspections and maintenance work.
Especially for fishing vessels with equipment manufactured in Japan, we recommend highly reliable genuine parts and equipment maintenance by highly skilled and dependable Japanese technicians.
Below is an example of equipment that has seen these kinds of results

Main Engine (Diesel Engine)
Auxiliary Engine (Generator)
Hydraulic System (Trawl Winch, Cargo Winch etc)
Propeller (Controllable Pitch Propellers System & Fixed Pitch Propellers System)
Refrigerator (Ammonia, Freon & Others)
Factory (Processing Machinary)
Factory (Surimi Machinary)
Fresh Water Generator
Oil Purifier (Oil-Water Separator)
Nautical Instrument (GPS, Marine Radar, Pilot System, Steering System)
Fish Finder (Sonor, Finder, Tidal Current Meter)
Kitchin Equipment

Fishing Boat

  • Fishing Boat Maintenance